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As a teenager, it easy to put on weight due to many factors such as stress from school, maturing, relationships and cold climates etc. If any of these reasons or other factors has caused you to gain weight and you are looking to cut it off for good, or if they have even caused you to feel depressed or anxious, we believe the best first step is to start doing home exercises. Why should you do home exercises? Well, for starters you may feel too lazy or are not financially well off enough to go to the gym… Believe us, we know that feeling! This doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise, however.

In fact, most exercises can be done at home, including pushups, sit-ups, squats, and other body weight exercises. Additionally, there are plenty of cardio exercises that you can do from your living room. Here is a list of tips that can help you get motivated to start working out and cut down those pounds, as well as exercises from a variety of sources we like that will help you out as well as save you money.

Think of something you enjoy and combine it into your exercises 

Most people when they think of exercising think of doing it as a chore. Wrong! It doesn’t have to be that way. Think of it this way, if you are a female, perhaps you really like dancing. What you need to find is one of the many available dance videos available that get you up and moving. Perhaps you could dance to your favorite music video or whatever. Be creative and first think of what you like to do and then see if it can be combined with exercises. For guys, it is no different, and if you think your only answer is “I like to play video games”, then you better start buying some boxing games or a Wii set to get you up and moving. Who knows, from there the enjoyment of playing tennis on a virtual screen may inspire you to go outdoors one day and play the real deal.

Use items in your house for working out

Thomas Delauer is one of the top fitness trainers

Most people when they hear this cannot believe it. In fact, until we watched videos like Thomas Delauer's Science Based Six Pack and Insane Home Fatloss, we didn’t realize how creative we could be with things such as towels…That’s right, towels. In his Insane Home Fatloss videos, Mike Chang uses a towel to do various sit-ups shoulder exercises. If you are looking to put on muscle, however, he also goes through lots of exercises that you can do with your legs and back while laying on the ground. Guys, you can also use your couch to do pushups to increase your upper chest strength by putting your feet high up on the couch. Also, you can lift your legs up on a wall and do supporting handstands to build your shoulder muscles. The burn you get from that is incredible because it’s like doing shoulder presses. Mike Chang’s videos are great and cheap sources of information to help you learn workouts from home that are cheap and easy.  

Stay motivated

Remember, anything you do now will lead to results in the future. Remember the last time you tried something that you had never encountered before? It was hard and probably didn’t make sense at first, right? But after a while you got the hang of it and probably even became really god at it to the point where you use to benefit yourself in some way. The same type of attitude and logic applies to working out. Remember, starting today will lead to great results, whether it is for burning fat or putting on muscle, in the future, so make sure to remind yourself of that everyday if you ever feel like working out is not worth it.

Join a school club that will keep you active

This is a great way because it keeps you away from home at your computer or TV and instead keeps you active with friends in a joyful setting. Nowadays there are all sorts of clubs like “running and photography” clubs (probably taken from the movie “Yes Man”) if basketball or the like isn’t for you. Even if the club doesn’t involve exercising it will help you stay out of your regular routine, which may be a major factor as to why you are gaining weight. If you take away that routine and establish a new one, it is very likely your attitude will change, which will then influence your behavior patterns and probably even your eating and working out schedules.

Create a new routine

Building off the last part of number 4, it is often that teens get too stuck in the same routine. You have to make a conscious effort to try new things and get yourself to take on new challenges. Put it this way, if you are not satisfied with yourself in some way, then it means that something needs to be changed. Sometimes though, that change can’t be as simple as telling yourself not to eat as much tomorrow. Rather, if you preoccupy yourself with other things such as joining clubs etc., especially during times in which you might otherwise be at home doing nothing, you are likely to find parts of your routine will change, which in turn, could help you improve your attitude and/or your eating patterns. The word “preoccupy” sounds a bit deceiving, but it’s useful as an antithesis for people who have actually left themselves become deceived that they can’t lose weight. Most people will simply tell you that you need to change your diet and workout more.

Actually, while this is true, most people who say this do not understand the underlying reasons as to why people have obstacles or lack of motivation to actually start changing their diets, exercise patterns, or entire ways of life. That’s why we need to look at the underlying reasons from a different angle, one of which that is largely psychological, and begin from there. Therefore, the above 5 tips were generated in order to get you thinking and acting differently, which will then most likely get you on the right track to either immediately or soon making changes to your life such as losing weight.